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The journey of fishing...the preparation, the anticipation, the action...it all comes together to form a great experience.

Our primary mission at SeaBros Fishing is to ensure you enjoy and maximize your time on and off the water.

Whether you join us for an all inclusive fishing adventure, attend one of our seminars, or hire a guide for your vessel, we will make every effort to ensure you enjoy every aspect of your fishing journey.

Who are we?

"SeaBros", short for Sears Brothers.

We are two brothers, that like many of you, grew up fishing and living on the water. 

We follow and express our passion through offering our clients a variety of different services and products. Offering all-inclusive fishing adventures around the world, various seminars, workshops, and instructional videos, as well as helping you outfit or put together an experienced crew aboard your own boat.

Upcoming Adventures!

  • Massachusetts - Multi Species - Prime Dates Available for 2019!

  • Light Tackle/ Fly Fishing Trips - Prime Dates Still Available for 2019! 

  • Anna Maria Island, Florida - Multi Species Contact us about the Spring 2020 trip!

  • Prince Edward Island - Giant Bluefin Tuna -  2019 SOLD OUT . Contact us for 2020!

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